Callus Extractor/Remover

​This is a really great battery operated foot file/callus remover.  It comes with two pumice rollers, and a small brush to clean the pumice roller.  The extra pumice stone is provided if you have sensitive areas of your feet.

This product did not come with the two AA that are necessary to use this device.  I was fortunate that I had two batteries in my home already.  

This product didn’t include an electric charger.  But for price, this product  is very well worth it.

Everyone knows that it cost a minimum of $25.00 to get a pedicure.  Using this callus remover just one time will more than pay for this product.  It will saveanyone who pitches it so much money during the course of a year.

When I first gave my daughter (age 28) this product she said she didn’t know they sold battery operated callus removers.  She was a bit hesitant, thinking it would take weeks to get the bottom of her feet smooth like when she would get a professional pedicure.

My daughter was excited to use it for the first time.  She wanted to see if it would actually be possibly to give herself a pedicure at home with this hand held, battery operated product. 

After using this callus remover for the first time, in less than a minute she  could already see that this product was easily removing her callus.  She said it didn’t hurt and was actually fun to see how easily the dead skin was removed.

After approximately 20 minutes of using this product the bottom of her feet were smooth and callus free.  My daughters heels had been dry and had thick calluses on her heels and the ball of her foot. This product solved those problem areas.

After using the callus remover you will need take off the roller to clean under neath the roller. There you will find a light dust (fine particles of dead skin) and jut dump it out over a trash can and then brush the roller and the part underneath. 

Next rince the roller in the bathroom sink under running water and wipe dry.  Make sure to clean the part under the roller that had collected the particles of dead skin with the tiny brush provided.  Warning-Do not emerse the foot file/callus remover in water because this product is not water resistant and you will damage the product.

This product also has a safety switch lock. Really good if you have children and they try to play with your foot file/callus remover.  It took my daughter and me a couple of seconds the first time I pushed the switch up to turn it on. I realized then that I had to push up the little blue button on the foot file up to turn it on. That is a good safety feature. Another good safety feature is that if you press the roller down too hard on your skin it will stop working.  Just  adjust the pressure you apply and you will quickly realize how to control the callus file/callus remover.

My daughter has now used this product on two more seperate occassions and still is completely satisfied with it.   

This product allows my daughter to easily give herself a pedicure. She has decided she no longer needs to get a professional pedicure which will save her money and time.  She has been recommending this product to her friends and family.

Great product!

I purchased this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.   Also,  you can be sure that my daughters review/comments are also totally honest and unbiased.  Neither of us were compensated for our opinions.  These are truly our own thoughts regarding this great, easy to use product.

As of Dec. 18, 2016 this product’s sale price is only $6.99.  Its is well worth the price.  I don’t know how quickly the product will return to it’s original price of $14.99.

I purchased this product at a discounted price in exchange for for our honest and unbiased review.

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