One of the best IPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector’s

Although this screen protector is produced for an IPhone 7Plus, it fits perfectly for my IPhone 6 Plus.  

This company did an excellent job of packaging the IPhone 7 Plus screen protector. The package was similar to the type that cd’s are stored in.   I have purchased one other IPhone 6 Plus screen protector that had a similar packaging.

This product is made of tempered glass.  It is scratch resistant, shatterproof, leaves reduction in fingerprint and smudges.  It leaves no adhesive residue, no fading or yellowing, bubble-free installation and keeps the dirt off the original glass of your IPhone 6 Plus or IPhone 7 Plus.
The screen protector is clear, smooth and protects the original IPhone 7 Plus screen and the IPhone 6 Plus screen from otherwise very easily getting damaged if accidentally dropped or not handled carefully.

Also included is a microfiber cleaning cloth that can be reused, a wet screen protector cleaning cloth, a dust removal tape and easy installation insrtuctions.  

This tempered glass screen protector is very well crafted and actually just as good as the high end priced glass screen protectors. 

Also the tempered glass doesn’t bubble or pucker like a plastic screen protector, and it feels just like the phone’s original screen. The tempered glass screen protectors are more substantial and provide more durability.

This glass screen protector has a 0.33 mm thickness and 2.5D anti chip curve edges.

This is a very durable, high quality screen protector that will help to increase the durability of your cell phone.  
This product has a 24 month guarantee. 

The companies email address is  They also have a twitter and Facebook account listed on the back of the enclosed package.  The company also provides a phone number with business hours to contact them.

I consider this product to be a high end quality product at an great price. I highly recommend this product.

I would give this products a five star rating.  🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Product info:


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