Very comfortable Sports Headbands

These sports headbands are very well constructed.  They are sold as a set, three to a package.  The material is 100% polyester and feels very soft and comfortable when worn.  Theses headbands fit almost all head sizes from 20″ – 24″.  

These are really nice, wide, comfortable headband. I actually measured it. It can be folded to make it narrow in the front or can be full expanded to approximately seven inches wide. 

Some other brands of headbands end up being tight on my head and quicky give me a headache.  I don’t get headaches with any of these headbands.  Also, a very nice feature is that sports headbandscan be adjusted in the front to make it very wide or narrow in forehead area.

These headbands are approximately 19″ in circumference.  This measurement is not including the stretchable elastic like material enclosed around the narrow covered band in the back.  These headbands can easily stretch four more inches.

These sports headbands stays in place and don’t slip off.  The headband stays on until I take it off. 

I have many uses for my headbands.  I like to put on my headband right before going to sleep.  I then can easily wash my face without getting my hair wet. Then I rinse my face and pat almost dry.  

The sports headband keeps my make up remover off my hair as I am cleansing my face at night.  I then apply my night time moisturizer and maybe one or two other products.  This sports headband keeps  my hair clean and away from my facial products.

In the morning before I remove my sports headband, I wash my face making sure I remove all the night time products from my face.  I then lightly pat my face almost dry.

Then I gently use my day time moisturizer and then apply my makeup.   After I’ve finished applying my makeup, I then gently remove my headband and then maybe slightly touch up my makeup if necessary.  I then gently redo  my hair and then start my day. 

Before I go to bed, I then once more put on my headband to keep my hair from getting wet or full of moisturizer or other products.

I also wear one of these sports headbands while walking in my neighborhood to get in some exercise and put my headband on then to trap the perspiration while walking in sunny, humid Florida. 

I have also used this product while exercising at a gym and while gardening outside in Florida’s long humid summer.

I use my new headbands almost daily. I find it perfect for my needs. So perfect, I’m going to buy a couple in different colors, so as not to wear the same one too often.

I will only handwash these sport headbands in cool water and a mild clothes detergent, maybe even woolite and then rinse and hang them to dry. Actually no need to put them in the clothes dryer.  I would not even think to put it in the dryer, they drys so quickly on thrir own.  And I would not want to take the chance of these headbands to maybe shrink a little. 

These headbands fit me perfect.  They could even be a 1/2″ or so bigger.  Really nice, comfortable headband.  

These headbands are very well constructed.  If this product is well taken care of should last a long time.  This set of three headbands by Revere Sport has a lifetime warranty and a money back thirty day guarantee.

I purchased this product for a reduced cost in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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