Cool, Neat, Thick Targets to use with his BB Gun

My grandson age 8 1/2 years old is just learning the safety rules of using a BB Gun to shoot his new thick paper targets.

He like the different prints, especially the one with the clown on it.  These targets are all a good size – 11″ x 17″.  These targets come 25 to a package and as of December 2016 sell for $9.97 at

They live up north and it’s already cold there in December.  So instead his Dad was just explaining the rules to him in their garage.  His Dad let him pretend he was shooting the target.  They want to wait for a break in the weather.

My grandson was excited to get these really nice targets.  His Dad say the targets are really nice and quality made.

Really nice thick paper targets for them to use at the Rod and Gun Club.  It’s a nice sport for my grandson and his Dad to do together.  We highly recommend this package of targets.

I purchased these really nice targets at a discounted price in return for my honest and unbiased review.

Product info:


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