Bluetooth Dual Charger

I purchased this product for my 2002 Toyota Matrix that doesn’t have Bluetooth capabilities.  I found it really simple to sync the Bluetooth charger with my IPhone 6 Plus.  I just had to sync it thru my IPhone settings.  

This is a dual (two) USB charger.  I am able to charge my IPhone 6 Plus and my grandson’s android tablet at the same time.  I am also able to make and receive phone calls thru this Bluetooth charger.

I was told that this charger can also be used with an MP3 Player, but I never owned an MP3 Player.

This little Bluetooth charger gets great sound and no static.  It’s really a great product for the price.

Over this weekend I traded in my old Toyota Matrix for a 2014 Toyota Prius.  My new car has Bluetooth capabilities, but I love how I can play my favorite music stations from my Pandora app on my IPhone .  Great feature.  Also, still like the dual charging feature.

I am going to purchase a Bluetooth charger for my daughter who drives an older car without Bluetooth capabilities.

The Bluetooth charger was delivered to my home within a few days of ordering it.  It came with easy to understand directions.  Within minutes, I had it working.  It was very well packaged.  I had no problem with the seller whatsoever.  I am a very happy/satisfied customer.

This product was purchased online at

Product order info:


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