Best, well constructed garlic press

This is the best, well constructed  stainless steel garlic press I have ever owned.  

The last garlic press I had, I thought was great until once while rinsing out the removable garlic press basket in my kitchen sink, the stainless steel basket fell out of my hands and into the sink.  I couldn’t retrieve the basket fast enough and it fell down the garbage disposal.  

I was really disappointed, had to make sure my garbage disposal was turned off and then take about ten minutes to retrieve the basket with a fork.

Love that this manufacturer really thought about the design.  This new garlic press with the permanently attached basket is just as easy to clean.  It comes with a little cleaning brush to help remove the very minor amount of crushed garlic left in the tiny holes of the basket.

Also, this garlic press is 100 percent stainless steel so it will always have its bright stainless steel shine and look new.

The handle of this garlic press is comfortable and easy to use.  And I will no longer have to worry about the basket getting misplaced when in storage.

Love the larger, permanently attached basket that holds the garlic.  Ease of use to and cleans easily.  First garlic press I’ve owned that comes with a mini brush to clean the garlic press basket.  This company has thought of everything.  Great product.

This stainless steel garlic press was purchased online on at

Product info:


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