Sleek, Slim, Stylish, Stainless Steel MP3 Player


 This is a very sleek, stainless steel MP3 Player.  The  dimensions are approximately 1 1/8″ wide x 3 5/8″ long x 2/8″ deep.

It easily fits in the palm of my hand and is lightweight.  This product can easily be stored in my pocket or one of the tiny zippered compartments of my purse.

For a MP3 player of this size, I was really amazed that it could easily record lectures during a  work meeting or just general conversations.  I easily used this recorder feature to record my doctors comments to me during an important health check-up.

You can easily upload music to it thru your computer.  The MP3 player can also act as an E-reader which is also nice to have.

For less than $28.00, this is a really good MP3 Player with great features.  I think any high school or college student would get really good use out of this product.  It’s also great for people to use at work or just about anywhere.

My 8 year old grandson figured out how to use this MP3 Player in less than ten minutes and he had no idea what this device was.  He had never heard of an MP3 Player and never read the instruction manual.

This product comes with 8 GB memory, and you can also purchase an SD card to add more memory.   It comes with its own charger, headphones and a small instruction manual.

Great product.  Would make a great gift for a student, an adult, friend or family member.

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