Great, sleek, stylish four in one stylus pen, LED flashlight, blue ink writing pen

This is a great, slim, light weight multi-function stylus/blue ink writing pen, with built in top of pen LED flashlight.  This stylus pen has been constructed with the users utmost thought of the most use in a sleek, compact size.

The stylus pen can be clipped to your shirt pocket, pants pocket or clipped to the visor of your car or clipped securely in your handbag just to name a few ways to be secured and readily available to use.

 Rotate the top portion of the pen and it’s pen portion easily detracts into the pen. Now the pen can be used as a stylus pen.

It’s so much easier using the stylus to text on my iPhone 6 Plus.  My fingers are short and pudgy and I get a more accurate touch of the screen keys using the stylus portion of the pen.  The stylus pen can be used on touch screen tablets, iPads, and many other touch screen devices, including android devices.

Also, this product can be used as a smooth gliding blue ball point pen that glides effortless on writing paper.  You just easily roll the bottom portion of the pen clockwise and it’s blue ink cartridge part of the pen glides out.

You may also bend the top part of the pen at its hinges and aim the light at what you are writing.  The off/on switch is located on the side of the blue clip.  The little grey, oval, bumpy area moves up to turn the light portion on or down to shut the light off.   Or you may use the flashlight part to locate your key opening to your front door or locate a small item.

Both my daughter (age 29) and my grandson (age 9) already think this four in one pen is great and want me to buy them one.

Really a neat invention, in a sleek design that every student and adults will use daily.

Great product!

Product info:


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