Finely Crafted Stainless Steel serrated bread knife 

    I usually just use a large serrated knife to slice my whole unsliced breads that I purchase at my local bakery._I slice the bread, but have to exert a little pressure while holding the bread to cut the slices.
    I never realized that there is a big difference in using a knife actually manufactured to make slicing whole bread easier.

    The shiny new serrated bread knife is constructed very well.  It is light weight, but crafted well and should last for many years. 
    The handle is very comfortable and the serrated knife part is larger than the bread that I was about to cut into.  I have found out that it is best to use a large serrated bread knife.  It slices bread into thin slices easily.  Bread does not crumble like when I use other knives or flaten the bread with having to hold the bread and exert pressure on the knive as it cuts thru.  Now I get perfect slices of bread whatever thickness I choose. 

      This bread slicer looks very professional.  It makes it so easy to slice a loaf of bread.

      The knife has a matted finish to the main stainless steel knife and a couple of small portion of the handle has a very shiny polished stainless steel finish.  A lot of thought went into the design and craftsmanship of this product.

       I also want to mention that this product is also good to cut pieces of cake or pie.  I should have purchased a knife specifically to slice bread years ago.

      Great, stylish, professional bread slicer knife that I will use for many years.       Great product!

      Product info:


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