Well Crafted Boning Knife

This is a very well constructed stainless steel knife boning knife.  The boning knife is well balanced, sharp, sleek and polished.  It looks and performs like the higher end, more expensive brands of knives.

I like that the handle is very comfortable to grip and is very stylish.

This boning knife is very sharp and effortlessly cuts through any meat with ease.

I now easily cut thru raw chicken, steak and other meats.  My preparation time has been greatly reduced.

I had been using a steak knife, which doesn’t compare to this boning knife.

This boning knife has a very comfortable to grip handle.  To keep my boning knife in like new condition, I wash the knife by hand.  Washing the knife in a dishwasher could damage the knife’s protective coating.  I always wash my quality knives by hand and then dry well.

This is a precision boning knife that is sure to last for many years.  Great product that is well worth the money.

Product info: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Orblue-Precision-Boning-Knife/921718689


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