Best cup of tea, really delicious

I enjoy having a cup of delicious hot tea first thing in the morning.  I feel drinking tea is much more flavorful then drinking a cup of coffee.  

I enjoy waking up in the morning to a delicious, tasty cup of tea.  I really like these organic vitamin teas.

These tea leave a burst of flavor in my mouth.  This tea really helps to wake me up and makes me happy to start my day.

This large package consists of four flavors:

Twenty chai tea

Twenty chocolate chai tea 

Twenty coconutchai tea

Twenty vanilla chai tea

It makes a total of 80 very flavoranle organic vitamin teas.

These teas are also great to boost your immune system.  These teas have vitamin A, C, E, D, B6, and B11.

The teas are non synthetic, vitamins are derived from organic fruits.  Each tea bag has only 32 mg of caffeine.

These teas are harvested from a certified organic tea plantation.  The 80 individual bags of tea are all premium quality, gourmet teas.  

At first glance, purchasing these teas seems expensive, but once you do the math –

80 cups of tea x .25 cents a cup = $20.00

This tea is just as good or better then Starbucks or McDonald’s beverages and much more affordable.  

Wow!  Delecious tea, well worth the price.  These are my new favorite brand of tea.

Product info:


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