Ear and Forehead Thermometer similar to doctor’s office

This product is a dual mode thermometer which means you can read your temperature from your forehead or inside your ear.

This dual mode thermometer is great.  It does initially cost more than the standard LED thermometer, but in the long run is well worth the cost. 

Remember when your child or adult is sick and you find it difficult to insert the thermometer under their tongue, never mind trying to also get them to keep it under their tongue and then keep their mouth closed.

Well using this dual probe you just easily, gently press the dual mode themometer on the persons forehead or insert the tip of the probe gently into their ear to quickly get a reading of their temperature.  It takes less than three seconds to get an exact temperature reading.

Using this dual thermometer is a much better solution than using a LED thermometer.  Don’t get me wrong the LED thermometer is also great, but if you can afford to spend a little more money initially, this product is easier to use with a really sick patient.

The dual mode thermometer reads a persons temperature in less than three seconds.  Also, if your temperature is a little higher than normal the screen alerts you by turning red, besides giving you the temperature.

This is very well constructed, high quality product.  It comes with a small 12 page instruction manual that is very easy to understand.   It comes with a protective pouch.  This dual mode thermometer will last you for many years if taken care of properly.

This is a great product that I highly recommend!


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