30 oz.  Stainless Steel Tumber

I am very pleased with my new 30oz. Stainless steel tumbler manufactured by BASE.  I really appreciate that when I purchased the BASE 30 oz. tumbler it already included the very nice, sleek black handle that fit perfectly.  The handle provides a very nice grip.  Some handles are bulky and designed a little different so they hurt when I grip the handle for more than a few seconds.  

Also included with this purchase is the protective, clear snap on lid/cover with the tiny hole cut out to insert a straw.
Other similar 30 oz. tumblers sold by more expensive name brands do not include the handle or the snap on lid/cover.

The BASE 30 oz. tumbler is vacum sealed and has double wall insulation.  The tumbler is extra durable and will not dent easily.  The product has seamless construction for protection from germs.  And it also has a BPA free slider lid with a tiny opening for a straw (not included).

This product keeps beverage just as cold or hot as the more expensive brands.  I own one of the more expensive brands that ended up costing more than double the price and I see no difference.

Comparing three other more expensive brands to the BASE brand tumbler, all tumblers keep the beverages hot for about six to eight hours and when you add ice to a cold beverage can keep the beverage ice cold for at least six to eight hours too and sometimes even longer.

I gave this BASE 30 oz. tumbler to my nine year old grandson.  At his age he is already getting fussy and already wants name brands.  I am happy to say that he now leaves my tumbler alone and is very satisfied with his own new BASE Tumbler.

So, for $9.99 I purchased the complete deal as opposed to purchasing a very similar 30 oz. tumbler at more than twice the cost and the handle and cover/lid aren’t included.

Over all I am very happy with my purchase.  It saved me a lot of money and worked the same at keeping beverages both hot or cold.

Product info:  https://www.walmart.com/ip/BASE-Stainless-Steel-Tumbler-Bottle-30-oz-includes-Black-Handler/735601281


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